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Studio Bamboo was founded in the heart of the ‘Valle de Cauca, Colombia’ to become a national and international creative design center for architects, designers, biologists, students, experts, and everyone who is interested in building with Colombian’s famous Bamboo ‘Guadua Angustifolia Kunth’. It is created to share, to develop ideas and experiences, to adapt and to rethink structures, in short think out of the box!

As there is a long history of tradition in constructing with Guadua in Colombia it is in our interest to combine the old knowledge and techniques with a new contemporary style, to integrate present subjects like sustainability, flexibility, simplicity, adaptability and further embed the object in its natural environment and its cultural and social context. Because of the different backgrounds of our young international studio the architecture has multiple faces, awaken out of a process which leaves space for analyses, development and recognition.

We invite you to be creative, to be you, to be Studio Bamboo!

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We are architects – so we love to evolve constructions

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Bamboo Guadua is just an awesome material to design with – especially for furniture

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There is still so much to discover and understand about the awesome bamboo guadua. We are designing to just get the best out of the material.

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Open Space

Our studio is an open space for architects, designers, artists and just everybody who whats to know more about bamboo. We see this as a platform for people to create and evolve their projects together.